Wednesday, 17 December 2014

First line of an email

The other day I opened my email and under "promos" this is what I saw:

(Obviously I've blanked out my address in that screenshot)

Looking at these email I noticed something. All these companies have missed an opportunity.

There are 3 pieces of information about each email displayed here. The senders name, the title, and the first line of the email. Everyone of them has chosen to use the first line for housekeeping purposes, either showing where to go to view the email in the designers intended glory, or explaining why you have received this email. These are both pretty important things to put in the email, but are they really more important than improving the likelihood of the email being opened?

A quick search on the internet suggests that it is not just Google Inbox that show the first line, in fact, it's fairly common.

So what can we do better?

Make the housekeeping stuff the second line, e.g.:

Mmmm, Captain Morgan's! Think I'll have a rum and coke!